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Icons from the Great White North

By Katie the Iconadian

Icons from Katie the Iconadian
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Hello and welcome. This is the icon journal of _illuminez. You can friend her, if you like. She always likes talking to new people. She's got eccentric tastes so there's most likely something you'll like about her. She likes everything from politics to House MD to the Beatles to Steve Irwin (RIP) to british comedy to musicals to Canadian culture (it exists). Feel free to friend this journal if you like what you see.

~!#!~ Comment. I always like to hear what you have to say. What do you like? What don't you like? Constructive criticism is good.
~!#!~ Credit. An artist likes to recognized. Merci beaucoup.
~!#!~ You can alter them if you like, but I still want credit.
~!#!~ ... nope, that's it.

Very simple, really. This journal is not friends only, yet. However, if I find a large number of people not crediting, I'll be forced to make it so. Which I don't really want to do. So play nice, eh? ^_^

alan doyle, american politics, angelina jolie, apnea, band of brothers, beatles, bill clinton, billy boyd, blackadder, blues, brandon routh, canada, canadian politics, canadians, canucks, caro, cats, comic books, croc hunter, csi, cuddy, damian lewis, david duchovny, democrats, dr pepper, dr. wilson, ds9, elijah wood, ewan mcgregor, ezri dax, fan fiction, fantasy, firefly, foppa, fresh prince, gay rights, george clooney, george harrison, great big sea, hillary clinton, history, hockey, house, house slash, house/wilson, hugh laurie, ian mckellen, ian thorpe, interview with the vampire, jack, jack kennedy, jack/sawyer, jadzia dax, jazz, jeeves and wooster, jfk, john lennon, jon stewart, josh groban, julian bashir, jurrasic park, kayla, kennedy, kevin spacey, killers, kira nerys, kissing, liberals, lisa edelstein, lord of the rings, lost, markus naslund, matchbox twenty, matthew fox, miles o’brien, moulin rouge, music, narnia, newfoundland, newsies, nicole kidman, nirvana, not bush, obi-wan, obi-wan/anakin, ocean's eleven slash, paul mccartney, peter forsberg, photography, poetry, politics, rain, ramones, red hot chili peppers, rent, richard winters, rick mercer, ringo starr, robert kennedy, ron livingston, rsl, sawyer, sawyer/jack, scissor sisters, slash, spock, star trek, star trek tng, star wars, stephen colbert, stephen fry, stephen/paul, steve irwin, steve yzerman, strangers with candy, suicide girls, superman, sweden, the beatles, the clash, the colbert report, the daily show, the smiths, trevor linden, trudeau, vancouver, velvet goldmine, war of the worlds, weezer, wicked, wilson, writing, x-files, x-men